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    Word up! Test your knowledge of these lyrics and movie it comes from

    Everyone listens to music and knows the lyrics of their favorite songs and to all those music lovers here is a challenge for you all to test your love and prove it. By answering the names of the songs through some lyrics. It’s going to be fun and challenging.  Tere Liye Har Roz Hai Jeete Tujh Ko Diya Mera Waqt SabhiKoi Lamha Mera Na Ho Tere BinaHar Saans Pe Naam Tera – ? Shaahi joda pehenke Aayi jo banthan keVahi toh meri ……….. Hai – ? I know it breaks your heartMoved to the city in a broke down carAnd four years, no callsNow you’re looking pretty in a hotel…



    WHAT IS MUSIC? Music is pure magic. It is a wonderful gift to humanity. Music moves us, and soothes us. It stimulates. It makes us want to dance or sing. It makes us feel happy or sad, inspired or uplifted. It affects our mood in all kinds of infinite ways. It can be exquisitely subtle or wildly raucous: from a lullaby, to a war cry for revolution.I present to you an insightful glimpse into the world of music: yet it seems to me that the question ‘What is music?’ has no ultimately fixed answer, because although music can be defined in mechanistic terms as merely vibrations that are detected by…



    How it can benefit health I think Music in itself is healing , “Its an explosive Expressions of humanity” It is something we all are touched by no matter what culture, caste, religion we come from. Everyone loves music as everyone shares a universal bond with music who all of us can relate to. At least one song triggers something inside you amd brings out certain emotions within you. We have such deep connection to music that we use it as our outlet of mental pent up energy and emotions. The elements of music are – – rythm -melody -tune -lyrics Beats They are evolved in our physiology functioning and…



    I THE BEST STUDY MUSIC What to Listen to While Studying Whether you listen to any of these recommendations, Miley Cyrus, Arijit, or whatever else, it really doesn’t make a difference – as long as it works. I like to listen to music while you study, choosing the right type can be vital to your overall productivity level. Listening to music can calm you down, leading to more conscientious studying, elevating your mood, motivating you to stay focused and studying for longer periods of time. While it can be a challenge to stay away from the hottest hits, selecting the wrong type of music can distract you from your studies and…


    RETRO to REMIX what’s yours?

    Image Source RETRO to REMIX what’s yours? Certain songs have the ability to remind us of certain periods of events in our lives. Some makes us smile and some makes us rather forget. Those old retro songs are the ones which we all have loved and cherished and have a certain soft spot for in our hearts the old memories which it connects to. The meaningful lyrics touches hearts of millions of people and making them a fan of music they say * OLD is GOLD* is it? Are the modern youth agreeing to it and thus making remakes of retro music giving light to the old memories and transforming…



    Image Source MUSIC IN THE BRAIN Music inspires many people including all the experts. They believe that the Brain connects to the music as when you listen or make music it stimulates certain signals to your brain. Making up music is happening when you are telling your own story through music you communicate your thoughts through the flow of lyrics, beat and tune of music. It is an impulse that might impede the flow of your ideas through a medical called Music. You improvise your ideas and thoughts and combine them to a perfect output. Improvisation is creative aspect which is coming from the creative part of your brain. And…



    MUSIC A TALE OF IT’S OWN I  still remember when I first heard my first song Something about that song—the lyrics, the melody, the unusual 7/4 time signature—gave me chills. Even now, years later, it still can make me cry.Who among us doesn’t have a similar story about a song that touched us? Whether attending a concert, listening to the radio, or singing in the shower, there’s something about music that can fill us with emotion, from joy to sadness. Music impacts us in ways that other sounds don’t, and for years now, scientists have been wondering why. Now they are finally beginning to find some answers. Using fMRI technology,…



    If music was a drug, it would be marketable. Music is a noninvasive, safe, cheap intervention that should be available to everyone undergoing surgery. When feeling stressed you may find listening to your favorite music makes you feel better and then as numerous studies supports that the effect on infant remains longer when they are played music rather than spoke to. As the ability of body’s internal rythm to synchronize with external rythms, pulse or bets can make them feel calm.   When you come from a long day of hard work you are exhausted with all thoughts running inside your mind not letting you sleep or relax. You listen…


    A TALE OF TWO CULTURES Bollywood vs Hollywood

    There’s no better and no worse. There are people who like Bollywood music and there are people who prefer the other. Also there’s no such thing as “Hollywood” music (I think). They seldom make music specifically for a Hollywood movie so most the songs used in Hollywood movies are songs from albums by various bands and artists. In that sense, I say I prefer them over Bollywood music because the artists have their freedom. There are different genres to suit the taste of every individual out there. There is no particular pattern of music like in Bollywood movies (1 party song, 1 romantic ballad, 1 comical ballad, remaining fillers). It’s…